Business Advocacy and Political Action help maintain a strong local economy where business can flourish


Public Policy Team: Review issues, legislation and ballot measures, forwards recommendations to Board of Directors for public positions on local, regional, state and national levels; develop issues events for candidates, ballot measures and items of regional concern for businesses; discussion and speakers as needed. Ongoing monthly meetings every first Monday from 11:45am -1:15pm

Recent public policy actions: 

North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce Candidate Endorsements for November 2014

As a business organization, when the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce weighs who to endorse, it considers the needs and concerns of its members more than any political advantage that may come to the chamber or its board. Among the factors weighed are relationship with the chamber, voting record on business issues, political acumen, and a consistent ability to avoid the extremes of either major party by working across the aisle. These endorsements are advisory to our members, especially small business owners who work to serve their customers, supply jobs, make payrolls, and support the community. We hope as we question the candidates that we effectively represent the interests of our members.  Read Endorsements


Members assist in public policy efforts The Public Policy programs of the Chamber are financially supported by Vision Sponsors. Thank you to the 2014-2015 sponsors:

Presenting Sponsors:

Clackamas Credit Union     MP Plumbing Oak Lodge Water District                                                    General Distributors Oregonians Credit Union              Portland General Electric Providence                                  Sunrise Water Authority

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