Oregon Saves SB 164

OregonSaves SB 164 SB 164 would assess civil penalties to businesses that fail to comply with the Oregon Retirement Savings Program requirements. OSCC joined other employer groups in supporting the -3 amendment to SB 164: 1. Gives all businesses, regardless of size, two years to get in to compliance; 2. Caps civil penalties, so [...]

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Kicker HB 2975 and SJR 23

Kicker HB 2975 This one got missed by us, along with every other business group, but House Republicans found out at the 11th hour that HB 2975 included an accounting change that reduced the upcoming kicker by over $100 million by transferring this money into the next biennium. HB 2975 has the effect of adding [...]

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Paid Family Leave

On Monday, March 25 at 6pm, the House Business & Labor Committee and Senate Workforce Committee hosted a joint public hearing on paid family & medical leave bills that would SIGNIFICANTLY alter Oregon's business climate. With every workplace mandate the Legislature has passed, the competitive distance between Oregon and other states is increasing. Oregon's small [...]

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Corporate Tax Increases

It is still believed the committee is leaning toward selecting a Commercial Activity Tax, which is a pure gross receipts tax, as the basis for implementing a new business tax. The debate here is how much the legislature wants to raise. House Democratic leadership wants to raise business taxes by $3.4 billion per biennium. Senate [...]

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