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Oregon State Chamber of Commerce Legislative Update

The North Clackamas Chamber keeps you informed on legislative activities through weekly newsletters, online and through our monthly Public Policy meetings.

As part of the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce, our Chamber’s association, we along with 80+ other Chambers (over 27,000 businesses state-wide) are helping to make a difference for business by advocating for/or against legislation being reviewed and voted on by your State Representatives.

We engage in weekly conversations to stay informed about issues related to our community, education, jobs training, transportation, land use, affordable workforce housing and anything else that will impact our business community and maintaining a thriving environment in which we all live, work and play.

From time-to-time, OSCC will provide Alerts allowing you, our business community to have your voice heard on important issues. Issues are moving quickly in this current session, so please do not delay if you wish to share your thoughts or concerns. Here are some important bills being considered by our elected leaders where you can link into VoterVoice and the message you send will get directly to them.

Employer’s Right to Drug Free Workplace:

SB 379 would prevent an employer from enforcing a drug-free workplace policy for individuals testing positive for marijuana. (Action Alert)

Cap and Trade:

House Bill 2020. This bill caps emissions from businesses that emit > 25,000 tons of carbon and requires those “regulated” businesses, fuel companies, and utilities to buy down their carbon emissions.

Cap-and-trade will increase the cost of living and working in Oregon — all residents will bear the cost of fuel increases and increased natural gas rates. It’s projected to immediately drive up the cost of gas by $0.16 per gallon, and natural gas customers will face double digit rate increase in the first year of the program! Check out this one-pager that explains natural gas rate impacts for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. (Action Alert)

If there are topics you’d like to discuss or if there is anything that this Chamber can do to help your business, please reach out to our CEO, Laura Edmonds.