Advocating for a Strong Business Climate

The NCCC is organized to give voice to local businesses throughout Clackamas County in support of policies that enable business success, job growth and income growth in each of our local cities and Unincorporated Clackamas County. We believe a healthy business climate, and the jobs that such a climate creates, is the key to building up our local communities, adequately funding social services and making our region prosperous.

We engage with partners and make a consolidated effort in creating a greater appreciation of the value of competitive business that fosters a healthy and stable economy, a strong education system and a growing workforce that will support our business communities needs now and into the future.

It’s important for us to offer programs that educate and inform our business community on important issues. Through monthly Public Policy meetings and forums, we invite guest speakers and industry experts to join us to provide insight into complex issues that are important to our communities. Everyone is welcome to sit in on these informative meetings and be part of the conversation, but only Chamber members get to weigh in on positions the Chamber will take on important issues.

No positions are taken unless the Board of Directors has voted or unless they are already encapsulated in our Chambers Legislative Priorities. (above document)

2020 Legislative Priorities

2020 Ballot Measures (Coming Soon)

The North Clackamas Chamber is guided by the following objectives:

1.  Transportation funding package (I205, Sunrise Corridor and other regional projects). Supporting maintenance & capital needs in order to improve the reliability of our transportation systems.
2.  Pre-emption of local employment regulations
3.  Expanding eligibility for the 2013 ‘small business tax cut’
4.  Workforce Housing (availability & affordability – not rent controlled)
5.  Workforce Education and Training
6.  Land use/UGB expansion
7.  Tourism
8.  Business and land use development
9.  Stable funding for law enforcement & emergency services.
10. The assurance of stable waste water capacity to serve the communities within our region.
11. Healthcare legislation that is fully supported by our providers to ensure the health and wellbeing of our citizens.
12. Encourage Legislators seeking out cost containment (savings) prior to seeking new taxes.
13. Encourage Fostering a business-friendly climate relating to regulatory changes.