Legislative Updates

Each year we organize special legislative events that provide our County updates from the Congressional and State Legislature that helps to keep local businesses up to date on what our elected officials are doing for us.  These cozy events provide an opportunity for the general public to come face-to-face with Congressmen, Senators and Representatives, to provide a venue where audience Q&A is encouraged and so that we can all stay better informed.

During the September 23, 2015 Congressional and State Wrap Up our panel was able to answer many public questions to help us better understand decisions that came out of the last legislative session and what their hopes are going into the next session.

Currently being planned our Commissioner and candidate debates for the upcoming elections. (dates to be determined).

Additional public policy forums already held and/or planned are: Business in the County (October 21st) and State of the Cities (January 27th). Congressional Update with Congressman Schrader (April 7 2016).

We will continuously post important events as they are arranged.

Find your local representatives by using the Oregon Legislator Lookup!