The Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation this month kicks off a fund raising campaign to purchase and train a replacement K9 Officer for the Milwaukie Police Department.

One of Milwaukie PD’s K9 Officers, Jag, was recently diagnosed with bone cancer, and despite all attempts to find an effective course of treatment, very sadly had to be euthanized. Jag was purchased for the police department by public donation and was a very much loved part of the department and the City of Milwaukie. The Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation has started a campaign to purchase and train a new K9 Officer, again by public donation.

Since Jag was purchased the Foundation has been raising money for his eventual replacement. But that day has come all too quickly. The cost to purchase and train a K9 Officer and their handler is, on average, $15,000 and could be as high as $20,000. The Foundation has so far raised $10,000 and is actively seeking to raise at least another $5,000 from the citizens of Milwaukie. We are seeking 100 people to donate $50 each, giving a total of $5,000 towards purchasing and training a K9 Officer. As of January 5, 2013 we have $700 towards that amount. Any donation will be very gratefully received, especially if you can be one of the 100 people who donate $50. Donations should be made to the Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation and sent to The Secretary, 5185 SE Elk Street, Milwaukie Oregon, 97222. The Foundation promises that 100% of all donations made by check or cash will go towards the intended purpose; none of the donation will be used for any other reason. Donations can also be made online at our web site Please help us keep the Milwaukie Police Department K9 Unit fully staffed and operational.

The Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation is a registered non-profit in the State of Oregon. It was founded by members of the Milwaukie Public Safety Committee to raise money for public safety projects in the City of Milwaukie. All the board members are citizens or business owners in Milwaukie, plus the Chief of Police. All donations made are tax deductable and a receipt bearing the State registration number will be sent to all donors.

Councilor Dave Hedges
Secretary Milwaukie Public Safety Foundation.