candidate endorsements

North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce

Candidate Endorsements for the

November 2016 Ballot

With its candidate endorsements, the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce has worked to be fair-minded, supporting leadership qualities over individual positioning. Over the years, we have earned the reputation of a chamber which will endorse candidates from across the political spectrum when they show the stronger personal and professional attributes and the all-too-rare willingness and ability to set aside dogma and work with those with divergent views.

In our thorough process of interviewing and evaluating candidates we stay true to our business platform in supporting candidates that are pro-business and who will take seriously the decisions they make on legislative issues that will effect business in Clackamas County and in our State.

Moving into the November election, the North Clackamas Chamber endorses the following candidates:

Oregon House District 51 – Lori Chavez DeRemer

Oregon House District 48 – Jeff Reardon

Oregon House District 41 – Karin Power

Oregon House District 40 – Co-Endorsement for Mark Meek and Evon Tekorius

Oregon House District 39 – Bill Kennemer

Oregon Secretary of State: Dennis Richardson

Oregon State Treasurer: Co-Endorsment for Jeff Gudman and Chris Telfer

Congressional District 5: Co-Endorsment Kurt Schrader and Colm Willis

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office: Craig Roberts

Approved by the North Clackamas Chamber Board of Directors on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.