candidate endorsements

2018 Candidate Endorsements 

With its candidate endorsements, the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce has worked to be fair-minded, supporting leadership qualities over individual positioning. Over the years, we have earned the reputation of a chamber which will endorse candidates from across the political spectrum when they show the stronger personal and professional attributes and the all-too-rare willingness and ability to set aside dogma and work with those with divergent views.

Our Candidate Endorsement Team is made up of members who are representative of the demographics of our chamber’s membership. Each is selected due to their political expertise and some have experience in local and/or State government, which lends to a broader understanding of process which helps this committee to make better, more informed decisions.  No endorsement is final until thoroughly vetted and voted on by our Board of Directors.

In our thorough process of interviewing and evaluating candidates we stay true to our business platform in supporting candidates that are pro-business and who will take seriously the decisions they make on legislative issues that will effect business in Clackamas County and in our State.

Current endorsements:

Paul Savas, Clackamas County Commission – Position 2

Paul Savas brings a breadth of experience with his 2 terms on the Commission. Paul has consistently demonstrated a collaborative working relationship with the business community. He has earned a reputation for attention to detail in his critical consideration of every issue to benefit the residents of Clackamas County. His business acumen provides a well-needed lens for evaluating county services at every level. Paul has exhibited indisputable integrity and fairness – which has earned him this Chamber’s endorsement.

Sonya Fischer, Clackamas County Commission – Position 5

We were impressed with how much Sonja Fischer has learned in her first year as an appointed County Commissioner. Sonya exemplifies the qualities we look for in an elected official. She is open-minded, approachable, collaborative, and authentic. Fischer was the only candidate we interviewed this election cycle to exhibit a visionary and realistic idea of how to address the affordable housing crisis. Our community is stronger for her leadership and we hope voters will send her back to the County Commission with the Chamber’s full endorsement.

Rod Monroe, State Senate – District 24

Rod Monroe is a proven advocate with deep roots in the community. His leadership in crafting the 2017 transportation package will pay off for generations and his pedigree as a public-school teacher compels him to always put our children first. Rod Monroe’s reliable leadership and principled approach are a few of the many reasons he has earned this Chamber’s endorsement.

Joe Buck, Metro Councilor – Position 2

Lake Oswego City Counselor Joe Buck’s experience as a business owner and elected official offers voters an opportunity to moderate Metro’s Portland-centric values. We were impressed when he stated that “the notion that the UGB is not contributing to the housing crisis is ludicrous” and that he holds the longest and most diverse list of bipartisan endorsements we have seen from a candidate this cycle. Christine Lewis also impressed us with her thoughtful approach and collaborative tenor. She proved herself to be the most fluent in policy issues of any of the candidates we spoke with, but her focus on expanding Metro’s mission and being relatively new to campaigns tipped the scales toward Joe Buck. The other two candidates were Carol Pauli and Betty Dominguez. Pauli had the elected experience and business savvy we were looking for, but lacked familiarity with some of our region’s most important issues like the UGB as it relates to Damascus. Dominguez has 21 years of experience working in affordable housing, serves on a Metro committee on diversity and equity, and holds several endorsements from government employee unions. She is solely focused on expanding Metro’s authority into publicly funded housing and seemed uninformed of the existing mission.

Joe Buck’s background, skills and approach offer voters the most balanced and thoughtful option and we hope you will vote for him with this Chamber’s endorsement.

Clackamas County Clerk – No endorsement recommendation

Approved by the North Clackamas Chamber Board of Directors on Friday, February 23, 2018.