Tourism Grants

Tourism Grants

The North Clackamas Chamber is again promoting the Tourism Community Partnership Program (CPP) that provides funding for tourism-related projects in local communities that have the ability to

  1. Increase overnight stays in lodging facilities within Clackamas County
  2. Bring visitors into your community from more than 50 miles away to recreate, shop, dine or take in the arts, cultural or historic offerings, and/or
  3. Entice visitors to linger longer.

Process Overview:

• Interested parties submit applications on-line, see below.
• Chamber Selection Committee evaluates proposals using established criteria and make preliminary award decisions
• Recommendations are sent to Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs (CCTCA) for review to ensure they fit within the program guidelines and Terms & Condition (Attached)
• Award Agreement are email to applicants whose projects have been approved
• Checks are mailed after Agreements are returned to CCTCA
• Projects should be completed by December 31, 2020.
• Year-End reports for 2020 projects that received funding are due by February 8, 2021

CPP grants provide funding for tourism related projects that have the potential to become significant and self-sustaining; that align with the goals and priorities outlined in Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affair’s (CCTCA) Business and Master Plans; that align with the community’s updated Tourism Action Plan, and that have an ability to demonstrate a return on investment (overnight stays/visitors from 50 miles away or greater, or increase linger longer).

The North Clackamas Chamber will accept applications until Thursday, February 20, 2020   Once received, a committee made up of community liaisons will make the gifting determinations based on the selection criteria set by the CCTCA.  Notice of awards are to be completed no later than April 2020.


A couple of helpful hints about the on-line application:

1. You will need to read through the Terms & Conditions on the first page, and agree to them by checking the box at the bottom of the page, before proceeding to fill out an application.
2. You can toggle back and forth through the application using the [Back] and [Next Step] buttons at the bottom of each page. But, you will need to first input responses to each of the fields on the current page to activate the [Back] button. Temp responses such as “asdfasdfasdf” for text boxes, “234234234” for numeric data or “” for email addresses and websites will work. Just remember to go back and input real responses before finalizing your application as incomplete or temporary responses will be not be accepted.
3. You can also exit and return to an “in process” application once you’ve completed STEP 1. All entered data will be saved. To access an application that you have already started go reload the Application Page. There is a button at the bottom of the Landing Page that says [Load Previous Form]. Click it and you will be asked to enter the email address you used when you started you application. This will pull up all applications that you have “in process”, i.e. have not completed by clicking the [Submit] button at the end of the form.
4. You will not receive a confirmation email after you submit your application, but a window will pop up on your browser letting you know that your application has been submitted.