Legislative Update by Jodi Hack

Legislation, Bills and Ballot Measures Affecting Our Communities

The North Clackamas Chamber tracks legislation, bills and ballot measures that affect business and the livability in our County and State. We track new taxes, repeals, transportation, carbon, education, housing and much more.

From time to time, the Chamber will provide input to our Legislators and share concerns and/or support for issues that will affect businesses and the livability in our community. We will sometimes take positions in opposition on legislation and bills that will cause increased costs that are burdensome and will negatively impact businesses in a regressive way.

Legislation, bills and ballot measures are vetted through conversations with our members, partners, associations and at our monthly Public Policy meetings. If a new issue arises, that is not already covered by our list of priorities, we follow a thorough process to determine facts, concerns and impacts to our communities. After careful consideration, it’s taken before our Board of Directors. They will then hear, discuss and vote to take a position in support of, or opposition to legislation, bills and ballot measures. Once a position is taken, we communicate it through various means of marketing and local press.

The Chamber has vetted and created their legislative priorities. The NCCC 2022-23 Legislative Priorities exists so our Chamber CEO may take immediate action on issues deemed important to our Chamber and the business community. The CEO may send letters, emails and hold meetings that are important when voicing concerns over issues that may have positive or negative impacts on a healthy business climate.

In all cases, the Chamber of Commerce will carefully consider the impact of issues on business, jobs and the livability in our region.