What People are Saying

“The Chamber advocates for business in the local political issues that affect how our company operates.”
Shawnda Horn, Double J Construction, Inc.

My family owned business has been Chamber members for over 50 years. In that time I have had the opportunity to make friends and numerous business connections. The best part is the Chamber supports many businesses in our community and helps them become successful.
Punky Scott, The Bomber Restaurant and Catering

Chamber has provided me with invaluable partnerships with other business owners in the community and helped me grow my business.  I truly enjoy the opportunities to learn more about what is going on in our community and appreciate that Chamber advocates for business owners to our local and state government. 
Nikki Gerson, American Family Insurance

“The opportunity to meet the heating and air conditioning needs in our community would never have been possible without the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce.”
David Golobay, Sun Glow, Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning

“Chamber has connected our business with our local community.  It now directly accounts for greater than 14% of our gross business and the value of the networks it has opened to us is immeasurable.”
Jon Owens, Milwaukie Spine and Sport, LLC

“Chamber helps put a face to the name. Networking with chamber members is a primary focus of my business. People have to know you, like you, and trust you before they will refer you to a friend or family member.”
Andrew Nordby, Premiere Property Group, LLC

“Thank you for putting on the Innovation in Business Lunch.  The Chamber is providing an excellent service to the business community by convening such interesting and helpful programs.  I appreciate the double benefit of learning about successful Chamber businesses and how those businesses achieved their success.  This is a prime example of why chambers of Commerce are so vital to a community.”
Greg Chaimov, Attorney

“The ‘AM Business Connection’ that the Chamber of Commerce puts together every week has been an amazing opportunity. I have been able to see how many businesses operate and hear the owners amazing stories. I have also made great business connections and built amazing friendships.”
Mike R. Thomas, My Path Wellness

“I joined the North Clackamas Chamber just before I opened OsteoStrong Happy Valley in June 2019. I have been amazed and thrilled by the incredible support, friendship and patronage of the chamber members. It feels kind of like having a really big family, and they are all rooting for me. I highly recommend that all businesses become an active part of the Chamber because it creates community, awareness and people really do give business and support to each other.”
Elise Holcombe, OsteoStrong

“Being a member of North Clackamas Chamber has brought an added value to my business and personal life. I have built trusted relationships with other businesses within the chamber to use their services or help with ideas in my own business. It has also benefitted my business by warm referrals that other members have sent me.The North Clackamas Chamber has wonderful members who are friendly and welcoming!”
Chanlee Trump, Storybook Travel Company

“We became members in July 2019 and want to say thank you to ALL Chamber staff and members – after we had our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting our business jumped 15%! We have tremendous support from the members who come to our deli every day, send us their relatives and friends as well as other businesses. We are using all the benefits that Chamber offers and we are so thankful to everyone. If you are not a member yet – hurry up! Catch the train, lets ride together and support each other at same time. Thanks again to wonderful Chamber staff who are doing above and beyond to help our businesses grow!”
Lyubov Shalya, Plenty International Food and Deli

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