Three and Free

Three and Free

Announcing the N Clackamas Chamber Membership Three and Free Program

The Chamber is excited to announce the Three & Free Membership Program. This program was created with the intent of growing membership and bringing more valuable connections to you, our members.

All active members can participate. This is how it works:
If the participating member brings in three (3) new members within the year of the start of this program, a credit of $385 will be applied to their membership account. This credit may be used towards dues or a sponsorship of their choice.

If the participating member closes two new members in the time frame specified, then they will receive $192.50 credit to be used towards dues or a sponsorship.

We are excited to offer this program, to grow the Chamber and to bring added value to all members.

As with any program, there are rules (Read here).
Applications may be processed online or by printed application

Please don’t hesitate to call the Chamber office if you have questions.
(503) 654-7777