The Members of the OSCC are united in support of:

1. Comprehensive transportation funding package (with real low carbon fuel standard cost containment).

2. State Spending Reform (PERS, Medicaid, Personnel costs)

3. Pre-emption of local employment regulations.
SB 329
SB 544

4. Expanding eligibility for the 2013 ‘small business tax cut’.

5. Increased availability and affordability of workforce housing.

6. Increased resources for mental health programs and homelessness prevention.

7. Land use/UGB expansion for industrial development and housing.

The Members of the OSCC are united in opposition to:

1. Predictive Scheduling mandate.
HB 2193

2. Employer-funded ‘paid family leave’ program.

3. ‘Cap and Trade,’ carbon tax, or Cleaner Air Oregon regulations that imposes burdensome costs on local manufacturers.
HB 2135 – Cap & Trade
HB 2468 – Cap & Trade
SB 557 – Cap & Trade

4. Increasing damage awards for liability, medical lawsuits.
HB 2219 – Increases non-economic damages to $1m + index
SB 487 – Increases non-economic damages to $1m + index

5. Elimination of the small business tax cut.

6. Taxes not supported by the business community.
HB 2053 – Expedited Review of simple majority tax votes
HB 2230 – Commercial Activities Tax